As in the rest of the world, Kenya is also affected by COVID-19 virus. A lockdown across the country has been underway since April 6th and this has an enormous impact on refugees living in Kenya. Most refugees come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi,Ethiopia, Somalia, South Soudan, etc. These refugees, often struggling to survive are now facing a very hard time because their sources of livelihood (casual jobs)have been closed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

We can use your support well during this COVID-19 crisis! You can contribute in the following way:

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KINTSUGI Bank account number 01134576797100 Cooperative Bank TRM Branch SWIFT CODE is KCOOKENA Support using (Paypal) is also supported!

Update June COVID-19 Intervention:

Through our community links/representatives has mobilized and distributed emergency foodstuffs these months serving around 204 refugee families. The   distribution targeted most vulnerable cases such as elderly, orphans/child headed household (11), widows, sick and larger families. 

Outcome of the intervention until now

Refugees who received food are extremely happy during this crisis. They can express their gratitude, their morale has been raised, their depression has gone down, and their children can smile! 

Since the breakout of Coronavirus, KINTSUGI, a small CBO that depends on small members’ contributions, is the only refugee organization that has intervened with foodstuffs distribution to refugees, the needs are so overwhelming because food is the Primary necessity and every refugee is a needy case. Sanitizers and Masks has also become a major problem since a number of Refugees cannot afford it expensive price. Furthermore, refugees aren’t beneficiaries of the Government Social Protection Scheme. 

KINTSUGI is still appealing to well-wishers, individuals and organizations for intervention to save refugees during this crisis of Corona virus.


 “Run A Mile in A Refugee’s Shoes”:  

Soon after KINTSUGI was inaugurated in October 2018, the 10K marathon project launched with a simple vision; to empower people of a refugee or asylum seeker background to demonstrate their talent and potential.   The purpose was also to raise public awareness, and money, for KINTSUGI programming.

With limited resources but great community backing and goodwill, the marathon was organized with an eye to foster a sense of community among refugees, refugee advocates and our Kenyan hosts and neighbors.  We wanted to show that we can come together – representing so many African nationalities and unite for a good cause.  The marathon also presents an opportunity to thank the Kenyan government for their support and to give refugees a chance to participate in an event that could bring them and Kenyans in Nairobi together. 120 people participated and a thousand people attended.