We want to encourage you to get involved in the lives of vulnerable refugees.

Giving a gift can make a lot of difference. To give an example of this:

  • For $ 16, one family can eat a whole week;
  • For $ 70, one family can eat for a month;
  • A child can go to school for a whole year for $ 100!

But we are also very grateful for amounts smaller than $ 16. Whatever you can spare, give with your heart. Make a broken heart whole again. 

Bank information:


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01134576797100

Cooperative Bank-TRM Branch

Swift Code is: KCOOKENA

About COVID-19 Intervention:

We can use your support well during this COVID-19 crisis! You can contribute in the following way:

See our campaign at: https://gogetfunding.com/kintsugi/

or use the bank information above!