KINTSUGI is a non-profit Community Based Organization (CBO) fully registered and recognized under Kenyan law regulating CBOs on March 2016. The name KINTSUGI refers to a old Japanese art. Special scars refers  by repairing cracks in broken porcelain with varnish or gold resin. (Literally the name refers to golden joinery). The precious scars or veins that form the repaired object serve to strengthen and beautify the object.   By marking a painful incident with gold dust is to accept it as a jewel, like a luminous stripe on a tiger’s skin. Each of us finds a way to cope with pass trauma and displacement, but the scars from this experiences make each of us unique , precious and more Resilient So too, the purpose of Kintsugi as a community “center” for refugees in Nairobi is to enable those displaced by war and conflict to find a place where they can build back a life, stronger and more resilient.